Cana Jars

On a trip to Israel in October of 2017 with my church group, we visited the little town of Cana, where Jesus performed his first miracle of turning water into wine at the wedding feast. A church has been constructed at this site and inside the church, on either side of the altar stood 3 stone jars of the type and form that were used during Jesus’ time. Here is a photo of what they looked like:

Church at Cana, Israel with 6 water/wine jars on the altar.

The jars really caught my attention and I knew that they would make a great subject for a quilt.

I began by making paper shapes of the stone jars and arranging them on my design wall. I imagined the jars to be painted different colors and started building them one by one using fabrics in a collage method.

Building the first jar

First two jars with paper outlines of placement of 3 others.

Next post will show the remaining jars and the finished quilt.

Cot Cover

This quilt was commissioned by Teresa McGlynn for her business of transporting bodies from their place of residence (or hospice) to the funeral home. She had contacted me about making something that could be used for her Catholic and Christian families.  She had been using a  plain upholstery fabric to cover the wrapped bodies. She allowed me to make all the design decisions, which included the cross  surrounded by a light to dark scale of watercolor fabrics. It was tied and the binding stitched by Martha’s Quilters.  Feedback from Teresa has been extremely positive, families feel a strong connection to the religious symbolism and are comforted by the quilt.

Nativity Quilt

This quilt was made by Martha’s Quilters using a pattern published by Paper Panache.  It was paper pieced by a team of 6 women over a period of 6 weeks.  It was auctioned at the church Fall Festival for a price of $2200.  It was the most money we have ever made on a group quilt.