Forget Vera Bradley, make a Dinosaur Bag

My niece’s 4 year old son is a dinosaur expert!  He knows all their names and will readily correct you if you mistakenly call one by the wrong name.  He also has an extensive collection of dinosaurs and needed a bag to corral them in.  It was a hunt to find the fabric, but once it was located the bag was quick and simple to make.  It has a pocket inside for the “special” dinosaurs.

What to do with a bag of triangles

At our quilt  ministry group we received a donation of a bag full of 2 1/2″ by 2 1/2″ triangle blocks.  Not wanting to let them go to waste, I took the bag  home and started playing around with them.  Using a 9 patch design with a solid square in the middle created a star block.  These star blocks were then stitched together resulting in a secondary design of a pieced square block between each star.  The quilt really needed a border fabric to tie it all together and I ended up using a narrow cream fabric with a nice red print which emphasized all the red triangles.  It was fun to save the bag of scraps from the trash pile and end up with something useful- a  lap sized  quilt to be given to a person in need.