Spasmodic Dysphonia, Part 2

This week I had my 2 week checkup since the first Botox injection.  First the doctor questioned me about how my voice was doing.  I essentially have a very soft, breathy voice that sounds hoarse.  The spasms are gone, but there is no volume at all.  At a meeting of our HOA I could not even speak to the people sitting across the table from me.  Same deal at another meeting later in the week.  It’s really hard to talk on the phone and I need to take more breaths while trying to speak.

The doctor threaded a very small light and camera on a long thin tube through my nose and down into my throat.  Then he had me read some paragraphs while he watched the movement of my vocal cords.  This was really uncomfortable, but I managed to do it.  He assured me that the Botox was working , and that my voice would come back in one to two more weeks.  He thought perhaps the injection dosage may have been too high and that next time should be lowered.  He encouraged me to hang in there and assured me that it will get better soon.  Finding the correct dosage is an iterative process that is different for everyone, the dosage he gave me was the “medium” one.  So, I need to wait two more weeks and see what happens.  Hoping to make some progress soon…

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