The Cat Napper

We were planning to visit my son and fiancé and their two cats. I wanted to bring something for the kitties. I found a pattern online called “the cat napper” from a company called Sallie Tomato which looked really cute, and ordered it. Here is the cat fabric that was in my stash.

Cat fabric

The construction called for placing 3 sections of 1/4″ fusible foam that was 2 layers thick. The interior fabric was then placed on top of the foam and stitched in place.

Fusible foam, 2 layers

Grosgrain ribbon was placed on the edges for ties and then the binding was stitched all the way around. The binding was the hardest part to accomplish because of the thickness of the foam. It was difficult to keep the stitching straight and I actually broke two needles!

So we arrive in Massachusetts, unpack the cat napper, and waited to see what happened. The first cat to come was Meera, the black cat. She walked around and checked it out from the outside, then scratched her head on it a few times. She finally ventured inside (with the help of a pinch of catnip) and proceeded to roll around inside, overturned it, and thoroughly enjoyed having her own new digs. Later, the other cat, Nutmeg came to check it out, but was unable to go inside because Meera was there to defend her new territory! Which is totally okay because Nutmeg won’t allow Meera on the second floor of the home! Crazy cats!

4 thoughts on “The Cat Napper

  1. That is one satisfied looking cat! Presumably the cats let people live there so they will invite other people who will bring them (the cats) nifty presents. Perhaps Nutmeg will get her own cat napper for Christmas?
    Très cool!!

  2. That is an awesome gift for a cat! She looks like she will have many hours relaxing in the new “tent” Your talents are never-ending, Noreen!

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