2019 International Quilt Festival, Sapphire Quilts “Pysanky”

2019 Sacred Threads, Herndon, Va, “Cana Jars”

2019 AQS Daytona Beach, “Armadillo Jo”

2018 IQA Houston World of Beauty, “American Pie”

2018 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, First Place Machine Quilting

How I enjoy spending my time:

Quilting- especially art quilts and my own designs, cooking, traveling, hiking, gardening, reading,  doing jigsaw and 3-D puzzles

Places I’ve lived:

Chicopee Massachusetts,  Troy NY,  Worcester MA,  Yonkers NY,  Pelham NY,  Wayside NJ,  Humble TX,  Thousand Oaks CA,  Anchorage AK,  Ventura CA,  Kingwood TX

Jobs I’ve had:

Babysitter, tobacco picker (Culbro Tobacco Farm), tennis ball inspector (Spaulding Co), secretary (City of Chicopee), bathhouse attendant (Holyoke, MA), analyzer of buildings for use as fallout shelters (Army Corps of Engineers), field engineer (Mobil Oil Company), pipeline engineer (Exxon Pipeline Co.), regulatory engineer (Exxon Co. USA), drilling and construction engineer (Exxon-Alaska), construction project inspector (City of Thousand Oaks), assistant civil engineer (City of Oxnard).

Things I collect:

Fabric, fabric and more fabric, especially batiks, hand dyed and watercolor fabrics. Threads, pinecones, shells, smooth round rocks, beer bottle caps, and wine corks.